Clothes should and could make you happy. Especially now when everybody feels a bit down. If your clothes don’t make you happy, now is the time to revisit them. Or simply have a look at JOLLIA – all our clothes are made with the intention to make you happy!

It’s scientifically proven than some colors can boost your mood. Studies suggest that bright colors like yellow, pink and red have an uplifting, energizing effect on our mood, while blue makes us feel calmer. Although some of you might not agree, please refer to the last year in lock-downs when we were mostly in grey and overall dark PJs and lounge wear all day long. How did that make us feel?

What certainly feels true is that by wearing bright colors you project a positive energy and joy into the world that gets reflected back. The sunshine of a yellow sundress beams back at you, not only from the mirror, but from the faces of people who smile when they see you. The enforced isolation of the past year has made many of us feel we have become invisible beyond our domestic set-up. Wearing a bright red maxi skirt next time you go for a walk is one way to fight that.

When we have a reason for going out or we simply force ourselves to dress up in the morning affirms the fact that today is indeed a bright new day. That is why we should get something colorful, bright and freshly ironed from our wardrobe and put it on to set the tone for a winning-at-life kind of start. Smile at yourself in the mirror, make yourself a cup of espresso, play your favorite songs on and be thankful that you are alive and healthy, up and running and you have the means to afford choosing what to wear.

Joyful and feelgood clothes could be only effective in your mind, but even so, they can still lift your spirits and boost your confidence. If you believe it, then it exists! So, follow your inner feelgood feelings. And if in doubt, check out JOLLIA online boutique.

In a year without parties and going out, we have reoriented how we dress towards comfort. But comfort and luxurious designer prints can go hand in hand as is the case of JOLLIA. We are the love child of the marriage between relaxed effortlessly chic silhouettes and bright designer prints in joyful colors. Dress Happy, Get Happy is the motto behind JOLLIA and we stand up by it.

4 feel good outfits by JOLLIA